What do you need to pay attention to when riding a bike

The legal problem is that it cannot be avoided when riding a bike. When ride in a city, you must abide by the “Road Traffic Law”. In extremely unlikely cases, compensation problems will occur.

Today, let’s talk about the rules and laws of cycling. For example, have you ever fallen from wearing a helmet?

What you should pay attention to when riding a bicycle

My friend David not an expert in bicycles, but involved in everything from civil to criminal.

Originally, David was riding a mountain bike in the city, after switching to road bike, he first participated in Triathlon. And he love the biking. He is an attorney who understands the law and also understands bicycles.

Actually, a helmet is not required by law, so you are not fined because you do n’t have a helmet. However, for children, parents have additional special obligations.

We recommend wearing a helmet because it may be life-threatening. David said.

There is no doubt that if you do not protect traffic lights, signs and parking lines, you will be at a disadvantage. You must protect something that is not gray.

This is a light vehicle, so if you cross the stop line, you will be deemed to have entered the intersection without a signal. This is a big change.

Take careful, it may cause unexpected problems.

Can a bicycle ride on the sidewalk?

First of all, bicycles are light vehicles, so ride on the road is a rule.

If you think you can’t save yourself, and sometimes enter the sidewalk and return to the road. That’s wrong.

This is the exception, when there are signs on the sidewalk that say “normal bikes are allowed to walk.

In this case, you can pedaling in the lane. However, since pedestrians are given priority, it is necessary to keep in mind the speed at which you can slow down and stop at any time when driving on the sidewalk.

Accident between bicycles

It ‘s best not to have an accident, but if you happen to be a car or a bicycle, the car’s negligence rate will be higher. David said.

So far, traffic accidents have accumulated so much data, so these cases can be broken down.

If it happened, bicycle accidents may have more swings. So you’d better equip your bike with a reflective logo.

Turn on the bicycle light

This is a good way to get people in different directions to notice you and your bike.

Both before and after are dangerous. The lights can save you.

It is really dangerous not to turn on the lights at night. If you don’t want to take chances, it’s best to wear the helmet too.

Do I need a driving recorder on my bicycle?

If there is an accident, it will be a very powerful material to show as evidence.

If there is nothing, this may also be evidence against yourself. Then it is absolutely necessary.

Should I buy a bicycle insurance?

This is definitely a best choice for anyone. And you best to buy liability insurance of about 10,000 dollars.

One thing is to prepare for the other party’s compensation. The amount of injury may increase.

If the other person is an elderly person, or if you die, you must prepare for this, because it is beyond your own ability.

If you have a special contract with a lawyer, the rest is fine. In case of an accident, you need to pay the lawyer’s fee.

home is your best harbor

Anyway, during an outbreak, if you don’t want to be idle, consider pedals at home.

Zwift is a game style bicycle, running, training program. Participants from all over the world can train and compete in the virtual world.

If you use a smart roller, the slope will be reflected and the gears will be heavy; if you are a group of people, the back of the middle man will reduce wind and fatigue, which is a feature that you can enjoy the realistic feeling.