What you need to know before choosing your first road bike

Road bikes are still light and fast. But there are a lot of terms that bother you.

However,We will help you choose your first road bike in an easy to understand way.

Why a road bike

The road bike is a sport bike with thin tires. Leaning forward, the bike is areo, so it can improve speed anyway.

The main feature of road bikes is the drop handle. The posture varies greatly with the grip position and the speed is easily adjusted.

Said to be the fastest human-powered vehicle, the “knife sharpener” is exciting for a fascinating ride.

So whether you’re racing for speed, commuting to work, or riding a bike with your favorite friend. There are many ways to enjoy it.

For long distance cycling over 100 km on road bikes and climbing on mountain passes. The best reward is a sense of accomplishment that you can’t get in your daily life.

It’s interesting how your life on the road biking will change dramatically.

3 tips for choosing

“I don’t know how to choose.” First, everyone is starter.You can notice the following 3 points to think about.

  • Purpose
  • Frame material
  • Component level

Let us explore your terms in light of these.

Purpose: how many kilometers do you plan to ride

Let’s imagine what life would be like on a road bike in order to locate the specifications you need.

  • ride a bike for about 10 to 20 kilometers to commute, to school. The entry-level model will satisfy you.
  • If you are going to travel a long distance about 50 to 100 kilometers, it is best to focus on the components. The Shimano 105 is a long range popular component.
  • Are you interested in cycling, too? Consider that most racing road bikes are made of carbon.

Frame material: what are the characteristics of chromium, aluminum and carbon

The riding comfort and performance of road bikes vary according to the different frame materials.

Material Pros Bad
Cr-Mo Absorb vibration Soft
Aluminum lightweight,cheap Difficulty in absorbing vibration
Carbon Absorption shock, lightweight Expensive

Cr-mo is short for chromium-molybdenum steel. It is lighter than steel.

Because of its strength and durability, it has long been used as the main material for sports bikes. Since it is heavier than aluminum and carbon, it has not kept pace with The Times.

Aluminum replaced chromium and has become the leader in bicycle frame materials.

These materials are lighter than chromium alloys and less prone to rust, so they are quickly adopted by every manufacturer.

It is the essential material of road bicycle entry model.

Carbon plays a leading role in aluminum. The biggest advantage is that the weight is greatly reduced, because it is not a metal material, unlike chromium and aluminum. But the budget is sure to increase because it is expensive.

If the budget is insufficient, there is no need to pursue high performance.

What is a component
Derailleur, brakers, shifter levers and gears are collectively referred to as components.

Currently, Shimano components account for the majority of the component market. Components from senior to entry-level is DURA – ACE, ULTEGRA, 105, TIAGRA, SORA, CLARIS.

In this order, the higher the grade, the better the performance, and the number of gears increases, but the overall weight is lighter.

As a result, it’s easier to drive long distances and ride for long periods of time, and it also reduces fatigue.

The longer the ride, the more fatigue and stress builds up on the body, so if the ride is more than 50 kilometers, it is recommended to use high-end components above Shimano 105.

what road bike near me?

When choosing road bikes, it’s also important where to buy them. Depending on the type of store, the bikes you buy are can be totally different.

  • Bicycle specialty shops: many manufacturers and models can handle many situations.
  • Large retailer: some bikes look like road bikes. Only responsible for the sale of the majority of the situation.
  • Online purchase: for beginners, post-purchase assembly and after-sales service can be a hindrance. But it’s save your money.

What is the market price for a road bike

Good entry-level road bikes are in the $600 range, with $1,000 being the tipping point.

For less than $1,000, you can expect to get the same level of performance components as the Shimano 105.

For more than $1,000, you might get a carbon bike. But there are trade-offs, depending on your budget.

road bike types

If you look at each manufacturer’s lineup of road bikes, you’ll notice that there are many types of the same road bike, such as air roads and gravel roads. What’s the difference?

In fact, the shape and size of the frame bike with the use of road bikes.

  • Lightweight road: used in relay RACES for hill climbs and long rides.
  • Aero road: for those who want to run fast on flat ground, such as the TT (time trial) and triathlon.
  • Endurance road: a bike for beginners, who are comfortable even after a long ride. Better for long distance cycling.
  • Gravel road: primarily on paved roads, but they can operate on gravel and unpaved surfaces with poor pavement. Because it does not choose the road surface, it is suitable for travel.

Disc brakes and gravel roads are the new trend these days.

One of the smart ways to buy a road bike is to choose the previous model.

If there is a change in the color or specification of the new road bike released, the previous model will be considered a model drop.

The aim is to make the die drop model usually cheaper than the sticker price.

However, the disadvantage is that there are many cases where the materials and parts are not up to date.